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Most of the brick or concrete walls are fine for TV wall mounting regardless of TV sizes, however, plasterboard walls have some limitations as they may not be able to carry the weight. We can advise you to choose the right place for mounting your TV.

Is it safe to mount a TV on a plasterboard wall?

Yes, it is completely safe to mount a TV on a plasterboard wall as long as you use the right screws and follow special guidelines. But for a plasterboard wall, you have some limitations, such as TV sizes and the type of bracket you would like to use. We can advise you when you talk to us.

To wall mount your TV, requires drilling and making holes on the wall and most of the holes will be behind the wall mount bracket after installation. An experienced TV installer’s work will be nice and tidy, so nothing will be visible. But if someone doesn’t know what he is doing, then he might damage the wall by doing the wrong thing.

You can buy/ supply brackets but we encourage our customers to buy wall brackets from us to avoid any complications because depending on the circumstance, you should pick the right bracket. So talk to us before you buy one.

Do I have to supply any tools or equipment? 

No, you don’t have to supply any tools or equipment. Our TV installers will bring all the necessary tools and equipment including Drill, Wall Plug, Screws, Screwdriver etc.


Yes, our experienced TV installer can mount any type of bracket including Flat Bracket, Tilt Bracket and Swivel Bracket. We are also familiar with different types of bracket manufacturers including Sanus, Vogel, Duronic, VonHaus, Bontec, AVF, Sandstorm, Invision and many more.

Please make sure:

  • An Adult is present all the time during the installation process and has decision making power.
  • Your TV is ready for wall mounting.
  • The selected area for wall mounting is clear for easy access.
  • You have all the required accessories, such as HDMI cables, Optical cables, extension cables, Brackets etc.

Yes, absolutely. We can hide the cable using Trunking or we can hide the cable behind the plasterboard wall. Please let us know which option you would like to go for when you talk to us.

The TV wall mount installation only will take less than an hour but if there is more task involved, then it will take more time.

Yes, it is possible if your TV size is small and lightweight, and also if you use a suitable wall mount bracket. Nowadays most TVs are not that heavy, especially under 50 inches. So by using proper plasterboard screws, small TVs can be wall-mounted on a plasterboard wall without stud.

We accept Cash or Bank transfer.

We cover Great London and surrounding counties Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Bucks, Hets, Essex and also Oxford, Cambridge.

It depends on the TV and brackets, some of the TV has easy access for adding cables after wall mounting but some of the TV doesn’t have that flexibility. It may require taking off the TV from the bracket to add more cables like HDMI, Optical etc.