Things to consider before mounting the TV

When mounting a Television on the wall, there are things to consider before mounting the TV. This is because, if the task is not done right, you spoil the viewing experience. In some cases, this can also be a sure way of damaging your expensive equipment. In the eyes of most people, this is a basic task that does not need a lot of detail. But when you get down to it, that is when you discover that there is more to the task than the basics people talk about. This can only be done safely if you know some basics about mounting your television. In this article, we will take time to explain some important steps you need to take as you work on this task.

Look at the viewing distance

This is one of the most important factors to consider. It even helps you to determine which wall you have to use. In the majority of cases, the viewing distance has to increase when the screen is also big. But when you are using a small screen, this distance should also reduce. The argument that most people have is that you can do little about this distance before the room size has the final say. Well, that is a warped view. Your room has several options you can look at as you mount the wall. In some cases, you can even take all the time to try out the sitting arrangement.

Determine the distance from the floor

Before you even start marking out the wall for drilling, you need to know the height. In this case, we are talking about the height from the floor or ground to the wall mount. Make sure you adjust this one to be at the level of an eye. Family members come with different heights. That is why the eye level has to be the average. If the mount is too low, many will not watch comfortably.

If it is too high again they will strain their necks. Balancing the scenario makes the whole difference. The other thing you may need to consider is the way your seats are arranged. You need to remember that TV Wall Mounting is not a task you carry out in a hurry. Take your time and do it right.

Stay away from inconvenient locations

There are some places in your house which are not able to accommodate your television set. The most obvious on this list is the place near the windows. If The windows have to share the wall with your television, then you are in for more inconveniences. There are also fireplaces in the house. These are also not fit for TV Wall Mounting. Fire is one of those confirmed enemies of your television set. Bathrooms and heated kitchens may not be ideal places for mounting your television. This is because your bathroom has water which can damage your television. The heat in the kitchen can also not be ideal for the electronic components of your TV.

Use a strong wall

The TV Wall Mounting process is best done on a wall that is sturdy. If you notice signs of weakness on that wall, then this may not be a good idea. The wall should be strong enough to handle the weight of the mount and the TV. If you notice cracks and other serious signs of deterioration, then such a wall should not be used. In case you have extremes where you are not comfortable with the wall you can try alternatives. Use other means of supporting your mounts that don’t need walls.

Take care of the cables

There are several cords or cables that will run from your television. If you are using your television for gaming and streaming, they will be more pronounced and diverse. You will have cables that are supporting your gaming, power cables and ethernet cables. Plan the routing for all these cables so that you leave a neat harness that does not mess up your room. You can also consider running the cables in the wall. But there is also an option of making sure that you run the same cables in a wall painter. If the wall accommodates, you can include net cable ties and fancy conduits to keep your cables neat together. Always look at the kind of television you are dealing with. Others may not come with too much cabling. The main cable you may have to deal with is the power cable. The rest are easy to manage and deal with.

Select the correct mounts for your viewing pleasure

This is the point where many make a mistake. It is not mandatory to buy a fixed TV wall mount. You can get a fixed TV wall mount only when you are sure that it will sit at eye level. These are normally not difficult to find and they come with a clean profile that you can rely on. But there are also cases where you could be about to mount your TV above the average eye level. In this case, you need tilt mounts. The idea is that you are free to alter the viewing angle as needed. But you may need a full-motion mount if you want more allowance to the viewing angles. In other words, this is the type you need if you are mounting in a big room. This is a room where you need to rotate, tilt and even extend the TV position.

Gather the appropriate tools

You need to make sure that you have all the tools you need for the wall mount installation. This can include a drilling machine to make holes in the wall. You can also include a stud finder to identify where you can potion your stud in the wall. You will also need screwdrivers and the appropriate screws or bolts. At the same time, you cannot forget the spirit level. This is meant to give you the right levelling as you install your mount at any given time.