Can my TV be wall mounted?

Can my TV be wall mounted? To be honest, the old models of TV were so big that they also needed the big flats surfaces to place them. They were surrounded by a big place and there is no danger of falling down. But nowadays the latest models of TV are very smart and flat. The TV should be mounted on the wall such that at the level of the eyes. They are always at risk of falling down from a flat surface. Mounting the TV is the best option to save your toddlers and pets from any danger. The little touch might make them fall and cause injury to a child or your pets. The latest TV models are possible to mount on the wall. Approximately all recent models of TV can be wall-mounted. This includes LCD, LED, plasma, QLED, OLED TVs that can be wall-mounted. So can my tv be wall mounted? and the answer is Yes.

The Method to check the TV for mounting:

You need to know about the model of your TV. If your TV has holes for mounting or not. You need to check before buying if this TV is possible to mount or not. Mostly flat TVs are designed to be mounted on the wall. Because it is risky to place them on the table or flat surface.

Look at the back of the TV you will find the holes at the back of the TV which are for installing the brackets at the back of the tv for wall mounting.


The main point to know if you can mount your TV is the VESA. VESA stands for Video Electronics Standard Association. The distance between the holes in millimetres is called VESA. Before buying check the VESA points at the back of the TV. A VESA look likes the four screw holes at the back of the TV arranged in a square or rectangular pattern. You need to select the brackets according to the VESA size.  All modern TV of Samsung and other brands have VESA at the back of the TV. There is sometimes exception of screen design or extra-large size of the TV. For example, Samsung S-9 is available with 110 inches larger screen. It is approximately 9 feet wide and 300 lb heavy. It cannot be wall-mounted. In order to mount the TV, it needs a special frame and technique to mount.

Size of the VESA:

There is different size of VESA present at the back of the TV. It depends on the size of your TV. If your TV is large in size then the VESA size is also big. You can get information about the size of VESA from the TV manual. The VESA are of different sizes included “VESA 50”, “VESA 75”, and VESA 100”. 

Samsung TV:

All Samsung TVs are mountable and most of them are VESA acquiescent. They can be mounted by almost any TV mount which also follows the VESA standards. They have different sizes of VESA depending on their size. To know about the size of VESA and their compatible mount check the manual book that comes along with the Samsung TV. It is only possible when you buy the brackets corresponding to your TV VESA size. The Samsung mount brackets are available according to the respective VESA size of the TV.

Quality of wall:

To mount the TV, you also need to check the quality of your wall. If you are going to hang the large size TV then you need to be careful. If you are mounting your TV on the wall then you need to find the studs behind your drywall. Make sure to make the holes at the centre of the studs. it will be secure to mount the TV on the studs. If you install your TV on the wall then it will be harmful. If you are not careful then you are going to lose your precious TV along with jeopardizing your wall structure. Also, if you are mounting your TV without the studs then you need the special bolts. These are including different kinds of anchors, molly bolts, toggle bolts, and mounting plates.

To answer the question, can my tv be wall mounted? here is how to mount it.

You need to keep in mind follow mentioned points before mounting your TV.

  1. Check the size of the TV if you have space at your home for big size TV.
  2. Check the VESA size behind the TV before buying.
  3. Keep in mind the quality of your wall.
  4. If you are going to mount it on the drywall without studs then you need to buy special bolts.
  5. Buy the brackets corresponding to the VESA size of your TV.
  6. You can buy the different types of brackets with respect to your choice.
  7. Do not mount TV at the height which is not compatible with your glare angle.
  8. Adjust the angle of the TV such that it is not strenuous to watch.

In conclusion, if you have a smart LED or LCD TV or any model of Samsung TV, then you can mount your TV on the wall. You really don’t need to question yourself that, can my TV be wall mounted? You just need to check the VESA of the TV before buying. Also, ask the seller about the size of VESA to buy the corresponding amount. Otherwise, check the manual book for the TV. If you use the wrong size of fixing for mounting on the wall without studs then it can lose and affect the wall.