How much does it cost to mount TV on wall UK?

When you buy a TV, you always wonder how much does it cost to mount TV on the wall UK? a problem arises where to place it in the house? The safety and the proper angle are the essential points in fixing the TV. Mounting the TV is the best idea. Stand mounting takes the space. The smart TV needs a safe place because there are many chances of falling from a table or stand mount. Children and pets may run into your TV and cause falling because placing the TV on the table might be dangerous. It can fall with slight touch and maybe cause injury to someone.

Advantages of mounting the TV: 

Following are the advantages of mounting the TV on the wall. 

  • It will save your space
  • It will be easy to clean the surface
  • You can adjust its viewing angle according to glare.
  • It will be safe for children and pets.
  • Mounting your TV will help to hide the messy cords behind the wall or trunking pipe. 
  • Mounting your TV is also beneficial for the neck and eye as it provides a dynamic angle to adjust your TV.

Cost of mounting TV on the wall UK: 

It would be best if you found the bracket according to your Tv model. The presence of holes at the back of your TV will decide the type of brackets you will use. The cost of brackets varies according to different models. There are many types of brackets available in the market. They are having different kinds like flat, tilt, and swivel with varying prices. You have to be careful during the selection of the brackets. The choice of brackets depends on your TV’s VESA (distance between the holes at the back of the TV in millimetres). Check the model of the TV, its weight, and the condition of your wall. The more functional the bracket, the more it is expensive. The average cost of the TV installation on the wall is £80.

The cost of TV installation depends on the following aspects.

  • The place where to mount the TV
  • The model of your TV
  • The type of mount you are using for TV
  • The use of cords and devices
  • The experience of the person 
  • The time consumption
  • Size of the TV
  • Type of your wall 

High range of expenses: As the cost varies with the quality of brackets. The TV model and the quality of the wall affect the costs of installing the TV on the wall. Suppose you are using high-quality brackets and big size TV. Then you have to spend a high amount of money on installing the TV. The situation of the wall is also an essential factor. If your wall is made of concrete, you need to hide the cords behind the wall. It requires a lot of time and money. Suppose you are installing the TV on drywall. Then you need to be careful about the size of the TV, the type of brackets, and the bolts you are using to install the TV. 

The price of the high-quality free-motion brackets is from £40 to £70. 

The brackets help in moving the TV to different angles. It can also be installed in the corner. The extended arm help in extended it from the wall. Then it would help if you found an expert for the installation of the TV. The expenses of required cables and plastic pipes are also included in the case of using the trunking pip. It would help if you bought the trunking pipe which is compatible with your requirements. The average price of good quality 2m trunking price is £7 to £15.

Total cost:

Price of swivel brackets in high range = £50

Trunking Cost= £15

A top range labour cost= £100 including the VAT

so the total cost to mount tv on wall UK is around £165 for a high range.

Mid-range price:

You can buy cheap brackets for mounting your TV on the wall. The affordable type of brackets is the tilt brackets. These brackets are cheap as compared to the free motion brackets. Also, the average quality trunking pipe has a lower price. The price of labour for installing the tilt brackets is also typical because they are easy to install. The instrument used for installing the tilt brackets is more miniature. Installation of TV on the plasterboard wall is need time and advanced bolts. 

Price of tilt bracket = £30

Price of trunking or pipe = £10

Cost of labour = £70 including VAT

so the total cost to mount tv on wall UK is around £110 for mid-range.

Low range price:

The lowest price of the brackets uses for mounting the TV on the wall is approximately £15 to £20. The fixed or flat bracket is used for mounting the TV on the wall. This bracket does not allow the movement of TV. It has a minimalist design. If you want to remove any cable, you also need to remove the Tv from the mount. The installation of the flat bracket is also easy. So, its labour cost is also low. If you already have a wiring system, it is easy to hide the cables, not cost you. The lowest price of the trunking pipe is approximately £10 per 2m. 

Price of the bracket = £15

Cost of the Trunking = £10

Cost of the labour £40

so the total cost to mount tv on wall UK is around £65 for low-range.


As you have seen, the cost of mounting the TV on the wall depends on the variety of the mounting brackets and the TV model. The size of the TV and the mounting equipment is an essential factor. The labour also cost a lot. The mounting of the TV is technical work because of the balance of the screw and the drill. So, you can select these things according to your budget and the facilities you want.