Is it safe to mount a TV on a plasterboard wall?

With time, televisions are getting thinner and lighter in weight. However, their quality and screen size is increasing day by day. People do not want to cover a space of their room with TV trollies or TV tables. They like to mount them on the drywall/ Plasterboard wall. It has overall two main advantages one is you save the space in the room and second is that you can place it at some ideal position on the wall for the best and most enjoyable view. Normally the choice is higher than the TV table or TV trolly.

However, there are always questions about mounting the TV on the wall. The first question that comes to mind is “Is it safe?”. The straight answer either yes or no is not a possible answer. The answer is it depends upon your approach. The awareness about your wall and weight of the TV is very important. Another important thing is the material you need. Do not underestimate any of the material that is required for mounting on a plasterboard wall.

There are risks involved in the TV mounting on the plasterboard wall. The reality is most people want and needed it. It is not only charming but also a modern-day fashion style of watching TV. In this article, we will focus on the techniques that make it safe or unsafe to mount a TV on drywall.

As mentioned before mounting on a plasterboard wall can be safe or unsafe for a TV. Here we will discuss one by one the method to mount on drywall safely or unsafely

Tips for Safely Mounting a TV on a drywall

  1. Knowing the strength of your wall is most important. Normally drywalls are considered to be good enough to lift a TV or heavyweights. However, it strongly depends upon the material it is made up of, its thickness and the expenses you made our it.
  2. Knowing your TV weight is a second important factor. Is it too heavy ad thick, is it old not a modern thin and lightweight TV? You need to understand the mounting on plasterboard can cause dangers like TV fell on the ground, drywall damages and a lot more. Make sure you have a modern style thin TV.
  3. The studs are a very important part of mounting a TV on the wall. The mounts on the TV are typically made in such a way that they automatically can be fixed on the wall. But for this, you need to make sure that the stud in the wall is good enough to hold the TV.
  4. Typically drywalls include the stud. It is up to you to make sure that the stud must be exactly in the same position where you want your TV to be. Otherwise, studs at another place can damage the wall and may not be able to hold for long as the original stud.
  5. What if there are not stud on your wall? It is not uniquely your problem many people are facing it and many have found better solutions. A few of them are as follow
  6. Using Anchors, using anchors is the first solution that comes into mind if you don’t have a stud installed in your wall. Anchor helps by not allowing the screws to come out of the wall and they are also helpful to avoid the wall damages. You need to insert the sleeve into a drilled hole of the anchor.
  7. Molly bolts are another option for TV mounting on drywall. Molly bolts are conveniently easy to install and considered one of the best replacements of the stud. They can lift to 50 pounds mass. This is a good amount of weight as much TV have lesser weight than this. Molly bolts are two types pointed and non-pointed. The pointed can be installed into the wall by hammering or other heavy material. The non-pointed need a hole in the wall. Most people prefer them due to their ability to live the medium to heavyweight. You can use multiple of them to avoid any risk. They are not studs but act like studs.
  8. Mounting plates are the biggest option nowadays on the wall without studs. Just like the stand of an air conditioner. By using a drill and bolts you install it on the wall and then place a TV on it. The TV mount made for studs can be fitted on it. Their main feature is you can easily hide them behind the TV it looks like that TV is pasted on the wall. This makes them elegant and attractive for mounting on drywall.
  9. Make sure that the TV is not tilted on any side a straight TV making a perfect rectangle will put equal weight on its support. It will keep it on the wall for a long long time. Unbalance weight distribution can cause damage to both the TV and drywall.

What not to do while mounting a TV on a plasterboard wall?

  1. Never underestimate the weight of your TV, it could be very pitty if you damage the wall even after realizing that it was too heavy for the support.
  2. If you have studs installed on your wall, use them to mount a TV don’t look for other options. The TV has factory settings to mount on the studs. It is the best and long-lasting option.
  3. Never compromise on the quality of support you chose to fix your TV. It is the worst thing you can do to mount a TV. Do not prefer quality our money. The better quality means heavier TV can be mounted, it will stay long, lesser chances of danger to the wall and the money paid correctly.
  4. If you are new to deal with devices, it is better to avoid DIY and call some professional for help. It will make you happier and you can later ask the professional in case of any damages.

Yes, It is safe to mount a TV on the drywall until you make sure about the quality of the hanger. Make sure to install stud and use professional for help. It is not safe in the case of lower quality material to mount a TV. As well unbalance approach is also dangerous.