What do you use to mount a TV on the wall?

When we want to wall mount our TV, a common question come to our mind, what do you use to mount a TV? As you know, the TV has become an inseparable part of our lives. Everyone has a TV at home. TV is an excellent source of entertainment and information. When you buy a TV, then you face the problem of placing it in the proper place. You will enjoy your favourite shows only when TV is at the appropriate place. It should be in a safe place.

Important point:

You need to set the proper height of the TV. The distance between the sitting place and the TV should be enough, not affecting your eyesight. These things are essential for mounting a TV on the wall.

In order to answer the question, what do you use to mount a TV, There are various sources for mounting a TV on the wall. Different types of instruments are available for other models of TV. The selection of those instruments depends on the condition of your wall and the model of the TV. You have to choose these mounting bolts and tools carefully.

what do you use to mount a TV? actually, the following are some brackets used for mounting a TV on the wall.

  1. Fix brackets.
  2. Tilting brackets.
  3. Swivel brackets.
  4. Full motion brackets.
  5. Ceiling mount brackets.
  6. Fix brackets:

It is also called a low profile wall mount. Fix brackets are mainly used brackets for the installation of the TV. They are easy to install and also cheap as compared to other brackets. Not only that but also once installed and cannot be changed their position. They do not tilt right or left. Also, they come in a minimalist design, and you need to remove the TV from the mount to remove or connect the wires.

Installation method:

First step:

First, you need to select the place for the installation of the TV. It would be best if you cared about its position as it can affect your sight. Then take a measuring tape and measure the distance between the points on the mount where you need to fix it. You can put a mount on the wall and mark the points with a pencil.

Second step:

Make a hole in the wall by using a drill on the points you have marked. This process needs caution and patience. The hole should be according to the screw.

Third step:

Insert the plastic plug inside the hole. In this plug, you are going to tighten the screw for the mount. Now install the mount on the wall in these holes with screws. Then put the bracket on the back of the TV. Now install the TV on the mount and comfortably enjoy your favourite entertaining seasons.

  • Tilting brackets:

Another type of bracket is used for mounting the TV on the wall. This bracket allows your TV to move downward. The vertical angle of the TV can be adjusted by tilting it down according to your angle of vision. These brackets are the same as the fix brackets except for their downward adjustment. They also provide minimalist designs like flat or fixed brackets. You do not need to remove the TV from the mount for adjusting wires.


These brackets are also installed in the same way as the fixed brackets.

You need to make a hole in the wall by using a drill. Then fix the mount in the wall using the screws. Put the movable brackets at the back of the TV. Then install the TV on the mount. You can adjust the TV according to your position by moving downward or upward.

  • Swivel brackets:

The swivel wall mount is beneficial due to its movement from left to right. This wall mount is costly as compared to fixed and tilt wall mount. But it has the benefits of moving and adjusting the position horizontally. Swivel brackets can be fixed according to your comfortable position.


These brackets are easy to install. You need to follow a simple rule. First, mark the point where you will tighten the screw for the mount. Then use the drill to make holes. Fix the mount at the place with the help of a screwdriver by plugging the screw in the plug. Then install the brackets on the back of the TV and mount them on the wall.

  • Full motion brackets:

Full motion brackets are widely used these days. Because of their various benefits, they have high marketing value. They are also expensive as compared to other wall mounts.


But they provide with the ease of adjusting its angle. These brackets are enabling to adjust for glare. They come with a flat mount. They are foldable to become flat like fixed brackets. Full motion brackets have a movable arm that can extend the TV from the wall. This extended arm also enables it to move left, right, upward and downward.


First step:

You need a drill, screwdriver, a stud finder and a full-motion bracket. Use the stud finder to find the stud on the wall. Then take the mount and adjust it by using bubble balance. Then mark the point for installing the mount by using screws.

Second step:

Make the hole by using a drill machine. Make sure that you have marked points on the studs. Now install the mount in the wall by using a screwdriver. The mount bolts should be tightening carefully with the help of a wrench.

Third step:

Now take the full bracket configuration, which you will install at the back of the TV. The holes present in the TV will adjust the type of brackets you will use. So select bracket according to the model of your TV. After that, attach the extension arms with the plate you have fitted on the TV. Use a wrench to tighten the bolts of extension. Now fix your TV on the mount by using the given washers.

These mount brackets are used extensively for mounting the TV on the wall. They ensure the safety of your TV if you have used it according to your TV and wall. The most beneficial bracket is a full-motion bracket that helps you move your TV to your desired angle. You can also install your TV in the corner with the help of a full-motion bracket. The other types of brackets are also helpful and easy to install. If you are minimalist, then you can use these fix brackets and the tilt brackets.