TV mounting on plasterboard wall. Step by step process.

tv wall mounting on plasterboard

After you buy your smart TV you think about the proper place to keep it and you have a plasterboard wall. Before tv mounting on plasterboard wall, you need to keep in mind all the risks and other factors before installing in the required place. If you are going to mount the TV on the drywall. Then you have to care about the upcoming problems. If you are aware of problems with mounting the TV on the wall then it is good. You will be careful and take all precautionary measures. There are studs behind the drywall to make the frame of the wall. It will be easy to mount the TV on the wall. Sometimes you have to mount the TV on the wall without the studs.

Following is the process to mount the TV on the wall with studs.


  1. Needed things before tv mounting on plasterboard:

you need the following instruments for mounting the TV on the wall with studs.

  1. A flat TV
  2. A mount corresponding to VESA size of the TV.
  3. A drill machine to make holes.
  4. A stud finder
  5. Screwdriver.
  6. Wrench.
  7. A plastic pipe or trunking pipe to hide the cords.
  8. A level to balance the angle of the mount.
  • Stud finding:

You need a stud finder to find the studs in the wall. Take the stud finder and move it slowly on the wall. When it will find the stud, it will give an indication. On the edge of the stud when it reaches the space it will also give the signal. In this way, you can mark the edges of the stud and the dead canter. So, you can mark the points according to the mount holes. If you do not have a stud finder, you can use the magnet to find the nails used to fix the studs.

  • Mark the point:

Now take the wall mount of the TV and put it on the wall. Place it on the wall carefully where you have pointed out the studs. Mark the points on the stud according to the holes of the screws.

  • Levelling of the mount:

The important point to consider is the levelling of the mount. If you do not level your mount then you will end up tilting your TV. This will affect the viewing angle and produce glare. It will cause strain in your neck and eyes. There are many types of levelling instruments available in the market. The most and easy method is using spirit level. The spirit level is the vial with a different additive. You need to bring the bubble to the centre.

Place the spirit level on the mount and bring the bubble at the centre of the two lines. If the bubble is on the right side, you need to tilt the mount a little right downside to bringing the bubble to the canter. If the bubble is on the left side, you need to tilt the mount on the left downwards to bring the bubble to the canter.

            You can use other levelling instruments like laser level, plumber bomb, and bullseye level.

  • Making the holes and tighten with screws:

Now make the holes carefully in the wall on the marking point using the drill machine. It is necessary to make the holes in the studs. The holes should be according to the screws you got with the TV mount. Install the plastic plugs in those holes. Now take the mount and place it on the wall so you can tighten the screws along with washers by a screwdriver.

  • Install the brackets at the back of the TV:

Now install the bracket at the back of the TV. You need to buy the brackets corresponding to the VESA size of the TV. The holes in the brackets are corresponding to the holes at the back of the TV. Tighten the brackets at the back of the TV using the screwdriver. The screws and washer come along with the brackets.

  • Mount the TV on the wall:

Now the last step is to mount the TV on the wall. If you have a larger size TV then you need to take the help of your friend or family member. You alone cannot mount the big size TV on the wall.

           Now sit on the comfy sofa and enjoy the TV at the best viewing angle and with uninterrupted scenery. You do not need to worry about the risk of falling the TV and injury of your loved one.

Mounting the TV without studs.

TV mounting on plasterboard is a bit tricky, sometimes you need to mount the TV without studs. In this case, if you mount your TV on the wall directly then it will be dangerous. Your TV may fall down and also cause destruction of the framework of the drywall. It is difficult to mount the TV without studs but it is not impossible.

You just need special bolts to mount the TV without studs.


  • There are lots of bolts and anchors available to mount the TV without studs.
  • These bolts are made such type they can carry heavy weight TV without damaging the wall.
  • For example, toggle bolts, molly bolts, mounting anchors, and mounting plates.
  • Toggle bolt has a butterfly toggle end. This toggle end opens up inside the wall. You have to pinch that toggle end and insert it in the hole which is equal to the diameter of the folded toggle. This toggle end will rest inside the wall and help to carry your TV.
  • Molly bolts contain two parts. One is a bolt and another one is the wing’s part which are folded. When you insert it with the help of hammer by tapping. The wings will open inside the wall and be fixed there. Then remove the bolt and use it to fix the mount on the wall.
  • Mounting plate is also a useful idea to mount the TV. You can choose the design and colour of the mounting plate compatible with your paint. So, it will be camouflaged and will not look weird.

In conclusion, you can mount your TV on the drywall. You need to follow to above-mentioned process and be careful. If you have studs then it is easy to tv wall mounting on plasterboard. If you do not have studs on the wall then you should not worry. Although, it is a little troublesome process and also needs to consider the weight of the TV. But it is possible to mount the TV without studs.